Brief Thoughts on a Ten Year Old WordPress Plugin

Today my User Switching plugin for WordPress turns ten years old. Its active user base passed 100,000 last year which I think classifies it as moderately popular. For a plugin that’s primarily developer-oriented that’s a good number. User Switching is a very tightly focused plugin. It allows users to: Switch to other users Switch back again Switch off (temporarily log out) I consider the plugin was feature complete just a few weeks after the first version. Version 0.2 in 2009 added the ability to switch back to the user’s previous account, and with that addition the plugin did all that … Read more

WordPress Plugin: Pretty Media

Update: This functionality now exists in WordPress itself. There’s no longer any need for this plugin. I’ve just published a small plugin which makes the Media screen in WordPress prettier using just CSS. You can download/pull/fork it on GitHub.

WordPress Plugin: Feed Thumbnails

Latest version: – Released Description Installation Download This plugin requires WordPress version or later. Version ZIP file from Any comments, questions, queries, suggestions, complaints, etc, please leave a comment!

WordPress Plugin: Disable Theme Updates

Latest version: – Released All the information for this plugin can be found over at the WordPress Plugin Directory: Disable WordPress Theme Updates. Don’t forget you can also disable WordPress core updates and disable WordPress plugin updates too.

WordPress Plugin: User Switching

Latest version: РReleased : Description FAQ Download This plugin requires WordPress version  or later. Download the plugin on Any comments, questions, queries, suggestions, complaints, etc, please leave a comment!

WordPress Plugin: Instapaper ‘Read Later’ Links

Latest version: – Released : Description This plugin allows you to display Instapaper ‘Read later’ links next to each post on your blog just like on Give Me Something To Read. You can either automatically insert the links adjacent to your blog entries, or you can just use the template tag to insert the links wherever you like. What the hell is Instapaper? From Instapaper is a fast, easy, free tool to save web pages for reading later. When you find something you want to read, but you don’t have time now, you click ‘Read Later’. When you do … Read more

WordPress Plugin: Plugin Info

Latest version: – Released Description This plugin provides a simple way of displaying up-to-date information about specific plugins hosted on the WordPress Plugin Directory in your blog posts and pages. It is intended for plugin authors who want to display details of their own plugins from the WP Plugin Directory on their blog and want those details to remain up to date. It’s also useful for bloggers who may blog about plugins and would like the details in their blog posts to remain up to date. Er, what? You want to blog about a particular plugin on your blog and … Read more

WordPress Plugin: MagpieRSS Hotfix for Enclosure Support and Character Encoding Issues

Latest version: 1.2 – Released 16th December 2008 Description This hotfix adds support for RSS enclosures to MagpieRSS, the RSS parser behind the fetch_rss() function in WordPress. It also forces MagpieRSS to use UTF-8 character encoding, which fixes some issues with feeds that contain non-ASCII characters. Is this plugin for me? This plugin is only going to be of use to you if: You are fetching feeds on your blog with the fetch_rss() function and want to parse enclosures contained in the feed; or You are fetching feeds on your blog either with the RSS Sidebar Widget or with fetch_rss() … Read more