A History of WordPress Contributors

I thought I’d run some stats on WordPress contributors over the years. The only contributor stats I have are the ones published in each release announcement on wordpress.org, so I’ve put these stats together myself from those lists.

Unfortunately the release announcements have only listed the contributors since version 2.9 (June 2009). If anyone wants to get me the list of contributors for earlier versions I’ll happily update this post. It’d be interesting to see the numbers over the years.

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WordPress Plugin: Instapaper ‘Read Later’ Links

Latest version: 1.2– Released 15/06/2012:
  • Update to the new style button from Instapaper. The original black version no longer works.


This plugin allows you to display Instapaper ‘Read later’ links next to each post on your blog just like on Give Me Something To Read. You can either automatically insert the links adjacent to your blog entries, or you can just use the template tag to insert the links wherever you like.

What the hell is Instapaper?

From instapaper.com:

Instapaper is a fast, easy, free tool to save web pages for reading later. When you find something you want to read, but you don’t have time now, you click ‘Read Later’. When you do have time to read, you visit Instapaper on your computer or phone and get whatever you wanted to read.

Check out instapaper.com for all the details and to sign up.

Can I see an example?

See some screenshots here.


  1. Unzip the ZIP file and drop the folder straight into your ‘wp-content/plugins-‘ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Check out the front page of your blog. A ‘Read Later’ link will now show adjacent to each post.


By default, this plugin displays a ‘Read Later’ link adjacent to each blog entry on your blog. If you wish to control where the links are displayed, you can go to the Settings -> Read Later Links menu and choose between a few display options.

If you choose to disable automatic placement, you’ll need to add the following code to your theme in order insert the ‘Read Later’ link for each post:

<?php do_action('read_later'); ?>

The code must be inside the WordPress loop.



This plugin requires WordPress version 2.7 or later. Tested up to 3.4.2.

Version 1.2 ZIP file from downloads.wordpress.org

Any comments, questions, queries, suggestions, complaints, etc, please leave a comment!

Questionably Useful Thing: Really Big Source Text

Update (11th August 2007): We now have numbers!


View-source. You’ve gotta love it. But it’s a bit boring sometimes – line after line of hypertext, with the only highlight being nice indentation if you’re lucky. I thought I’d liven things up a bit by putting some nice messages into the source of my web pages. For example:

 _____   ______   _____   _       _____   ______   _____   _____   _____   _____
|  _  | |  __  | |  ___| | |     |  ___| |  __  | |  _  | |_   _| |  ___| |  _  |
| |_| | | |  | | | |__   | |     | |     | |  | | | |_| |   | |   | |__   | |_| |
|    _| | |  | | |  __|  | |     | |     | |  | | |  ___|   | |   |  __|  |    _|
| |\ \  | |__| | | |     | |___  | |___  | |__| | | |       | |   | |___  | |\ \
|_| \_\ |______| |_|     |_____| |_____| |______| |_|       |_|   |_____| |_| \_\

That would surely cheer up any source code haxor. So I decided to spread the love and create a really big source code text generator. Give it a go below.


You can use the generator below to create really big source code text for your own website. Type the text you want to show up really big in your source code into the box below. It will show up in the larger text area underneath. Numbers and several punctuation characters work too, you’ll have to try them.

What Now?

Copy and paste the text out of the big text area and whack it into your source! You can paste it into a JavaScript tag as long as you keep the /* and */ in place, but don’t forget to put it between <!-- and --> if you’re just going to whack it into your source. View-source this page if you want to see a huge source text message out in the wild.