Using for a plugin on

Did you know that a plugin hosted on the Plugin Directory can use a markdown file instead of readme.txt? If you manage your plugin on GitHub or GitLab and use a file there’s no need to maintain or generate a separate readme.txt file — just send the file straight to

WordPress Hook Autocompletion for VS Code

I’ve published a VS Code extension which autocompletes WordPress action and filter names and the corresponding callback function. Check out the extension here on the VS Code Marketplace. It’s new and this is my first VS Code extension so it needs some more work. I’ll be improving it over time but I hope you find […]

Rendering Dynamic Gutenberg Blocks in Theme Template Parts

Gutenberg is an ambitious project that aims to completely overhaul the experience of writing content in WordPress. One of the problems you’ll soon run into when building a block for Gutenberg is that as a block becomes more complex, storing its complete output statically becomes undesirable. If a block contains several fields or its output […]