My Code Extensions

Last updated: January 2020 I’ve previously written about my Sublime Text packages, but I’ve since switched to the excellent VS Code editor. If you’ve already disregarded this editor based on the Visual Studio prefix in its name, please don’t. There really is no relation to Visual Studio, and I suspect that the marketing team at… Continue reading My Code Extensions

My Sublime Text 3 Packages

Update August 2018: I use Code now. Blog posts like these (the latest of which is Dominik Schilling’s) have helped me find packages in the past, so I thought it was time I published my own. I use Sublime Text 3 for the same reason as Dominik. It’s exceptionally fast. One day I will inevitably switch… Continue reading My Sublime Text 3 Packages

SublimeCodeIntel in Sublime Text 3

Update: Forget about SublimeCodeIntel and use the new CodeComplice package instead. There is now a Sublime Text 3 compatible version of SublimeCodeIntel, thanks to the hard work of Germán M. Bravo (aka Kronuz). I had a job getting it to correctly index my project files though. I’m posting here what I did, in the hopes it’ll help… Continue reading SublimeCodeIntel in Sublime Text 3