Access Your Desktop Development Environment from Your Mobile Device

It’s possible to get an iPhone, iPad, or Android device to access a local web server running on your development machine. All you need is an HTTP proxy such as Charles Proxy running on your development machine. Once that’s running: Make sure your device is connected to the same network as your development machine. Go into the Settings -> Wi-Fi menu and find the HTTP proxy settings. On Android, this means a long-press on your Wi-Fi network (Modify Settings, then Show advanced settings). On iOS this means pressing the (i) icon next to your Wi-Fi network. Switch your proxy over to … Read more

WordPress Plugin: User Switching

Latest version: – Released : Description FAQ Download This plugin requires WordPress version  or later. Download the plugin on Any comments, questions, queries, suggestions, complaints, etc, please leave a comment!

WordPress Plugin: Plugin Info

Latest version: – Released Description This plugin provides a simple way of displaying up-to-date information about specific plugins hosted on the WordPress Plugin Directory in your blog posts and pages. It is intended for plugin authors who want to display details of their own plugins from the WP Plugin Directory on their blog and want those details to remain up to date. It’s also useful for bloggers who may blog about plugins and would like the details in their blog posts to remain up to date. Er, what? You want to blog about a particular plugin on your blog and … Read more

WordPress Plugin: Image Upload HTTP Error Fix

This plugin is extremely old, no longer maintained and should no longer be used. Description Fixes the media uploader HTTP Error that some WordPress configurations suffer from. If your WordPress 2.5 installation shows an HTTP Error when uploading files using the media uploader, then this plugin should fix that problem. Simply upload and activate the plugin, then you’ll be able to upload files with no problem. Technical details: The plugin adds a few lines to WordPress’ .htaccess file which deactivates mod_security on the file which handles file uploads. Installation Unzip the ZIP file and drop the folder straight into your wp-content/plugins/ … Read more