A History of WordPress Contributors

I thought I’d run some stats on WordPress contributors over the years. The only contributor stats I have are the ones published in each release announcement on wordpress.org, so I’ve put these stats together myself from those lists. Unfortunately the release announcements have only listed the contributors since version 2.9 (June 2009). If anyone wants… Continue reading A History of WordPress Contributors

WordPress Plugin: Pretty Media

Update: This functionality now exists in WordPress itself. There’s no longer any need for this plugin. I’ve just published a small plugin which makes the Media screen in WordPress prettier using just CSS. You can download/pull/fork it on GitHub.

Basic Authentication with the WordPress HTTP API

Basic Authentication (or BasicAuth) is not natively handled with the WordPress HTTP API. This means when you’re using functions such as wp_remote_get() and wp_remote_post() there’s no immediately obvious way to send Basic Authentication headers with your request. It would be great to pass username and password parameters to these functions, but it’s not there. Fear… Continue reading Basic Authentication with the WordPress HTTP API

WordPress Plugin: Feed Thumbnails

Latest version: – Released Description Installation Download This plugin requires WordPress version or later. Version ZIP file from downloads.wordpress.org Any comments, questions, queries, suggestions, complaints, etc, please leave a comment!

WordPress Plugin: Disable Theme Updates

Latest version: – Released All the information for this plugin can be found over at the WordPress Plugin Directory: Disable WordPress Theme Updates. Don’t forget you can also disable WordPress core updates and disable WordPress plugin updates too.