Twitter Bookmarklet: View the Whole Conversation

Update: For those who aren’t aware, when Twitter was originally launched it had no concept of replies, threading, or viewing conversations. The functionality below was written in this era and now, of course, it’s redundant and no longer works.

Do you ever view a Twitter update (or a “tweet”) which is part of a conversation and wish there was an easy way to view the entire conversation?

It’s not easy to do. (We’re talking about the web interface here, it’s undoubtedly easy for those who use Twitter clients.) This is why I’ve written the Twitter Conversation Bookmarklet.


Drag the following link to your browser’s Bookmarks Toolbar:

[twitter conversation]


Simply press the bookmarklet whenever you’re on a Twitter status page that is part of a conversation, and the entire conversation will be magically loaded onto the page.


The best way to see an example is just to install the bookmarklet and then hit it on a status page. An example status where it works well is this recent tweet by Damien Mulley which is part of a conversation.

Results of the Twitter conversation bookmarklet

Known Issues

  • Currently, the bookmarklet won’t return a conversation if you use it on the first tweet that is part of a conversation. It must be used on a tweet that is replying to another. This appears to be a limitation of the Twitter API but I am looking into ways to work around this.

Comments and bug reports appreciated.

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  1. i can’t get this to work, i don’t seem to be able to “drag” the link, don’t suppose you could explain it in even more child like terms (if that possible…) sorry, i’m kind of new to all of this.

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